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width: mm lenght: mm

table: 62.0% depth: 60.0% depth: mm


Set in 14KW gold with natural brilliant diamond 2.00ct center stone and 0.50ct total weight of pave diamonds in halo setting


Diamond Certificate

Diamond Information

  • Sku:BR153404035
  • Shape: Round
  • Carat Weight:2.00
  • Cut: Good
  • Color: E
  • Clarity:I1
  • Depth %:60%
  • Table %:62%
  • Symmetry:Good
  • Polish:Very Good
  • Fluorescence:No_Fluorescence
  • Diamond Grading Report:

Color Grade: E

Colorless. Only minimal traces of color are found in this color grade, which can only be detected by an expert gemologist.

Clarity Grade: I1

Included. Inclusions are very obvious when the diamond is observed by an experienced diamond grader under 10X magnification and are also visible to the naked eye.