Acting as a prism, a diamond can divide light into a spectrum of colors and reflect this light as colorful flashes called fire. Just as when looking through colored glass, color in a diamond will act as a filter, and will diminish the spectrum of color emitted. The less color in a diamond, the more colorful the fire, and the better the color grade.

  • D Absolutely colorless. The highest color grade, which is extremely rare.
  • E Colorless. Only minute traces of color can be detected by an expert gemologist. A rare diamond.
  • Colorless. Slight color detected by an expert gemologist, but still considered a “colorless” grade. A high-quality diamond.
  • G-H Near-colorless. Color noticeable when compared to diamonds of better grades, but these grades offer excellent value.
  • I-J Near-colorless. Color slightly detectable. An excellent value.
  • K-M Noticeable color. Color easy to notice